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Kulu Collection

Birlon Sacs is proud to be a exclusive retailer for Kulu Bags. Kulu bags are high end handbags, travel bags and accessories made with exotic hides and leathers. These hides are sourced from scientific and government regulated herd reduction programs and made in Southern Africa. Birlon Sacs will be on of two retailers in the Midwest and the sole official Kulu retailer in not only Detroit, but also Michigan.

Supporting Conservation in Southern Africa

With the purchase of a Kulu handbag, you are directly supporting conservation efforts in southern Africa to maintain more than 40,000 square miles in over 200 separate National, Provincial and private game reserves. To comprehend the size and extent of the conservation effort required, an example is the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park. It alone is almost four times the size of Yellowstone with almost four times the number of mammal and reptilian species within its boundaries and encompasses parts of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.Their species include large predators and dangerous animals.

The African Chic Collection

Progressing from our already high standards of quality, design and style, this African Chic Collection is a step above and beyond. The African Chic Collection joins organic African materials with continental craftsmanship. Aesthetics that play on the offerings of a natural environment are combined with a heritage of crafting methods developed over centuries in Europe. The result is an exclusively conceptualized design with a discerning clientele in mind yearning to express their individual style. 

"When you make the decision to carry a Kulu bag, you know you are a breed apart"


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